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Franklin County Georgia Amnesty Oaths  

Amnesty Oaths for former Confederates

As early as 17 July 1862, Congress passed an Act that provided amnesty to certain former Confederates. A series of presidential proclamations followed that widened the eligibility for amnesty.  A proclamation of 29 May 1865 allowed for amnesty for all, except for individuals who fell into fourteen excluded classes.  These individuals, which included high ranking officers, Confederate government officials and individuals who owned more than $20,000 worth of property, were required to seek individual presidential pardons. 

Amnesty oaths were filed with the U.S. Department of State and are available at the National Archives. In Georgia, there are some counties that maintained their own copies of amnesty oaths. Following is a transcript of a document that lists those who filed for amnesty in Franklin County, Georgia.

United States of America

We, the Undersigned, Do solemnly swear or affirm, in presence of Almighty God, that we will henceforth faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Union of the States thereunder; and that we will, in like manner, abide by and faithfully support all Laws and Proclamations which have been made during the existing Rebellion with reference to the emancipation of Slaves:  So help us God.




[Unless otherwise noted, residence is Franklin County, GA]

NAME RANK REGIMENT comp- lexion hair eyes height
Ramsey, Marion 1st Sgt 5th Ga. mil. fair light blue 6'
Crump, Memory W. private 3rd Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 5'9"
Cash, William M. of Habersham County  citizen   fair light blue 5'8"
Davis, Thomas W. capt. 5th Ga. mil fair black black 5'11"
Kay, James E. private 1st Ga. Line fair light blue 5'9"
Adams, Mead A. capt. 4th Ga. Res. fair light blue 5'10"
Bryan, Lewis F. capt. 4th Ga. Lt. Inf. fair light hazel 5'7"
Davis, Wiley S. of Anderson Dist. SC private 1st Rifle SC fair auburn blue 5'6"
White, Martin private Toombs Rgt. fair grey blue 6'
Davis W.P. private 4th Ga. Rgt. fair red blue 5'10"
Vandiver, Peter S. private 24th Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 5'11"
Fowler, John Y. private 3rd Ga. Engr. fair red blue 5'9"
Kytle, Stephen S. citizen   fair grey hazel 5'10"
Bagwell, John W.B. private 52nd Ga. Rgt. fair dark dark 5'10"
Guest, Morgan private 5th Ga mil. fair light blue 5'7"
Green, George A. sgt. 52nd Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 5'11"
Crawford, Jane I. (widow) citizen   fair light blue 5'4"
Bush, William F. private 15th Ga. Rgt. dark dark blue 5'6"
Roberts, William F. private 52nd Ga. Rgt. fair light black 5'7"
Kelley, Owen private 5th Ga. mil fair grey blue 5'7"
Ayres, Jeddediah private 5th Ga. mil fair light blue 5'7"
Cass, John M. private 24th Ga. Rgt. fair dark blue 5'6"
Mabery, Joel W. private 4th Ga. Res. fair black black 5'6"
Coker, Edwin A. citizen   fair grey blue 5'10"
Coker, Wiley D. private 11th Ga. Cav. fair dark blue 6'
Stonecypher, Garnett private 11th Ga. Cav. fair dark black 6'1"
Sheriff, Thomas citizen   fair grey grey 5'10"
Westbrook, Thomas S. private 12th Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 6'
Brackett, William private 54th Ga. Rgt. fair dark hazel 5'11"
Farmer, James M. 2nd Sgt. 34th Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 5'8"
Mcfarlin, Benjamin D. 3rd cpl. 34th Ga. Rgt. fair light blue 5'7"
Payne, Jesse M. Sr. private 11th Ga. Cav. dark black hazel 5'7"
Presley, John citizen   fair grey blue 5'11"
Langston, Thomas J. citizen   dark dark blue 6'1"
Langston, William L. private 35th Ga. fair dark blue 6'1"
Payne, Jesse M. Jr. private 5th Ga. mil. fair dark blue 5'7"

[Source:  Georgia Department of Archives and History.  File II Subjects - Oversized, RG 4-2-46]