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Some Georgia Records (indexes and abstracts)

Index to Burke County Marriage Contracts, 1843-1847  
In the 19th century, MARRIAGE CONTRACTS were recorded to protect a woman's property. These contracts typically involved three parties -- the intended Bride, her intended Groom, and the bride's Trustee.  Some are short, simple and to the point; while others go into excruciating detail and provide for every possible contingency.  Slaves are often listed by name; and, in one particular instance (James V. Jones and Mary Elizabeth Hurt's 1844 marriage contract) occupations and ages of slaves are given. 

Party of the first part Party of the second part Party of the third part
Rebecca B. Whitehead Samuel P.Davis Charles E. Whitehead, George H. Harris
Paul Davidson, M.D. Drusilla A. Jackson Baldwin B. Miller and William J. Evans
Edward Samons Frances Wimberly Lewis Wimberly
Thomas Sousby Ann or Nancy Mulkey Isaac Mulkey and Homer V. Mulkey
James Clark Sarena Warren Henry Chance
Wiley M. Pope Mrs. Mary Ann Skinner  
John McKinne Junior Marie E. Whitehead Charles Whitehead and Thomas Moore Berrien
Margarett Jones (widow) Alexander Murphy Abraham Jones and John W. Carswell
James Sikes Gathara E. Shepard John Lewis
William Schley Eliza Sarah Hargrove William H. Jackson and James Jackson
James V. Jones Mary Elizabeth Hurt Joseph B. Jones
Mary Lester (widow)  Josiah Moore John W. Carswell
A.T. Turner Nancy J. Marsh John S. Pressly
Sarah Smith Travis Gwilliams Allen S.B. Pior
Catherine Elizabeth Desabaye Randolph Ridgely Robert M. Goodwin and Francis Doyle